Merging the World of Esports and Web3 Gaming

Own the future of esports; 17-year veteran esports organisation, Method, is pioneering esports & entertainment for the next evolution of gaming with MMG, an esports organisation focused on web3.

Operated by 17-Year veteran esports organisation Method

Race To World First Creator, The Most Watched Event Ever To Be Produced By An Esports Team
15x World Championship Wins
Owns And Operates Tech Products That Reach Over 2 Million MAU
Worked With Hundreds Of Content Creators & Esports Athletes

Strategic partner: Everyrealm, a leading metaverse investment company

MMG is backed by the best crypto & gaming investors

griffin gaming partners
galaxy interactive
goldentree asset management
ngc ventures
foresight ventures
TPS Capital

Our Thesis & Vision

Web3 is consuming and expanding the $336 billion gaming market, creating a more equitable ecosystem. MMG is perfectly positioned to benefit from this disruption and the coming market shifts.

Platforms, Publishers & Developers
Esports, Entertainment, UGC, Players
Web2 vs Web3 Pie Charts

Our Model

  • Operate an esports program that consists of championship winning esports athletes and a large pool of skilled prospect players
  • Create gaming media such as large scale live events, often in partnership with game developers, and partner with influential content creators
  • Develop and operate technology products including a gateway for web3 gaming resources and a web3 esports platform
  • Acquire game assets for esports program to use in competition, ultimately increasing the value of those assets through exposure
Our Model

MMG Highlights

MMG has established itself as the premier web3 esports event organiser, securing a large grant from Sky Mavis to host MMG’s Axie Master League with a $160,000 prize pool.

AxieCon Esports

MMG hosts premier esports events and fields top esports athletes while executing a diverse media strategy which includes entertaining and educational content.

Top esports athletes represent MMG in premier esports leagues and tournaments to establish MMG as a championship winning organisation.

Onboarded the championship winning esports team Chosen Ones including its founders to spearhead MMG’s esports program.

MMG works with partners and brands through integration and by creating custom experiences.

MMG Masters League Champions

What we are building

Esports Platform

MMG is partnered with two of the most prominent leaders in tech and esports within web3 gaming to build the hub of esports for the future of gaming. The destination for web3 esports results, tournament overviews, team & player profiles and game information and much more.

Esports Platform

MMG Esports Academy

A turn-key software solution for MMG players with features including:

  • Recruitment: Automated player recruitment, onboarding including compliance procedures.
  • Management: Automated token and game asset processes including token distributions, team assignment and offboarding.
  • Esports Academy: Gamified system acting as organic funnel for MMG players to become esports athletes and/or content creators.
MMG Esports Academy

+ Unannounced tech project... coming soon

Our Founder and CEO

Scott McMillan

Former streamer of the year, over one billion minutes watched on Twitch channel.

17 year esports veteran, founding Method in 2005 as an active player, leading Method to 12x World Firsts, the most achieved by any team ever.

Led Method as a profitable esports organisation since incorporation.

What Scott had to say at Axiecon about entering web3:

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Partnered Games

Method MetaGuild has invested in and partnered with 8 game titles across a range of genres, all of which have a strong competitive environment for our players to compete within.

Axie Infinity
Castle Crush
Planet Mojo
Cantina Royale